quarta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2016

Life flows...

Life flows.

I've always been in touch with this idea and understanding. At times I would feel it in my own experience, sometimes I was wishing it to be true and, sometimes, I was thinking that I was being just lazy by affirming that, that I could not be believing that I can be more and that I wasn't putting into action what I had learned in coaching.

Today I have a certainty that you can train yourself to get into this flow, this Vortex, this beautiful place where you know that you do have to make progress acting upon what you are thinking, feeling and having to do, and you also know that you have to feel in your heart if that is the next move you have to take.
And when you are in that place of alignment, life really flows! You begin to experience much better connections, to receive help, to do more because you are on fire and inspired, you also enjoy life more and are able to be in balance much easier because fear is not there anymore. We usually rush or because we are afraid of not getting the results we think are the right for us. Sometimes they are, but sometimes... they aren't and that is when you have to train your Faith muscle, your Belief muscle to do more in less time, to get more results than when you are acting without alignment, to get more fulfillment because you are enjoying your journey and taking care of more than one area of your life, to give, because when we are happy and inspired we share!

Life does happens through you and there is a Design to it. You are here to be YOU.
Believe and Shine!

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